LEGAL AID is the equivalent of BENEFITS for the lowest of the low income earners, jail birds, illegal immigrants etc.,  and as a honey pot for long winded lawyers. The rich can afford the rich price of lawyers; the poor – through free legal aid supported by the middle classes through taxation – can afford the rich price of lawyers, whilst the backbone of society, the middle classes,  cannot obtain legal aid and aren’t rich enough to afford overpaid lawyers. As always the middle gets the shaft. Legal aid should be financed by the lawyers either by a required contribution by all lawyers making in excess of 100k a year or by pro-bono work !!  As long as lawyers fees are outside the ability of ordinary working people to afford then then the blatant discrimination against them in legal matters should require the abolition of legal aid as it stands until everyone can afford lawyers.



In most cities and towns of the World, it is illegal to post bills on city property, however, people do it, and taxpayers spend a lot of money – liberally dispensed by the cities involved – to have them removed. The simplest way to deal with the problem is to invoke the law of vicarious responsibility: they may not know who posted the bills but they know who  is paying for their distribution and that can be determined by looking at what is being advertised: go to the source and fine then at least the equivalent of the cost of removing them plus punitive damages.


In the last 10 years, during which time the UK government,  has doled out pots of money to re-habilitate Afghanistan, it would appear that a large chunk of the money has been used to improve opium poppy production, which has trebled during the same period of time.

The UK’s foreign aid bill – which Mr. Cameron, bloody mindedly, holds at 0.07% of the national GDP, and which is currently around 17 billion pounds a year – has been used to help countries that expand opium production, make atom bombs, support dictatorships and continue to undercut manufacturing costs in the UK to the detriment of all UK citizens !



The World Cup games will be here in just under three months so people might get to see some images of the city on TV…since I first came here a long time ago it has grown from about 250,000 to 2,500,000 people in just 60 years.. the roads are choked with cars and the people keep coming to the seaside city which boasts that it’s Summer lasts 12 months. Currently about 50 high-rise apartment buildings are under construction along with another mega mall to accommodate the continuing demand for safe living spaces for new arrivals and locals alike.

From a city where – in 1956 – I lived safely in a house with a garden, a 2 foot high front wall and windows with just wooden shutters that stayed open all day – no glass, iron bars, hot water or air conditioning – this city is now a place where the majority live in air conditioned homes, travel in air conditioned cars and work in air conditioned offices, stores, malls, etc.; only the people who have to work outdoors, the poor and the tourists walk the streets; the houses are rapidly being bulldozed and the middle and upper classes are all moving into apartment buildings secured by armed guards, or gated communities where people can live in homes like they used to in the past – but the difference is that the developments are surrounded by high walls and the entrances to the communities are secured by armed guards ! What few houses remain in Fortaleza are almost always surrounded by 10 foot high walls topped with broken glass and barbed wire, or they are in the shanty towns where the poor live and don’t need such security. The city has a peripheral area, not unlike Paris’s no-go zones, where people are killed daily, however, just like Paris, the secret to safety is not to enter such areas. The tourist and upmarket commercial areas have a sufficiency of police and private security as to make them safe places to live or visit. Welcome to 21st century Brazil !



It is true, just like homosexuals and heterosexuals, paedophiles whether they be straight paedophiles or a combination of heterosexual/paedophiles, homosexual/paedophiles, etc., are born that way and are incurable; however, their proclivity is for sexual relations with people below the age of consent and that is the problem: IF THE PRESENT  BRITISH GOVERNMENT OR ANY GOVERNMENT has the empathy to understand the pain suffered by children who have been abused and the pain suffered by their parents when they find out, they will pass a LAW that requires all convicted paedophiles to be either given a full life sentence or take a voluntary chemical castration.

p.s. This might – laughably – be challenged under the liberal  “human rights”  laws that are usually passed by heads of countries who have lawyers in power : Trudeau in Canada and Blair in the UK.: they are always a can of worms and create endless amounts of work for all those unemployed lawyers that keep being churned out by money hungry universities. The legal pox continues to spread !


Whenever I am in the U.K. , it seems that about every half hour somebody on the television is asking for money; irrespective of whatever the charity is, it seems to come over as the same pitch: “give me munny” to save one eyed flys or three toes ants, or whatever. The fact is that getting a front office job in a charity is like winning the lottery: half a million dollars for David Miliband to effectively be a public/human relations manager for a charity is nice cake if you can get it !,  and  which will no doubt allow him to return to politics after his brother has successfully sunk all chances of labour being elected at the next vote.


I have no idea what the problem is with modern day nurses: possibly they are in it for the money rather than in it as a vocation; a lack of basic training such as being trained to be hands-on with patients, touch them, feel them, include changing a few bed pans in their university training, or giving a sponge bath to a few more patients; nurses appear to be tuned into WIIFM (what’s in it for me) more than into NURSING patients…too much time spent BS’ing  at the nurses stations or around computers that show vital signs but which cannot tell them when a patient needs to go to the bathroom or is desperately thirsty or is in pain. Sticking a drip full of morphine on your arm and telling you to just keep pumping any time you have pain is not nursing!!

The whole system is corrupt and needs a humanitarian overhaul !