It is true, just like homosexuals and heterosexuals, paedophiles whether they be straight paedophiles or a combination of heterosexual/paedophiles, homosexual/paedophiles, etc., are born that way and are incurable; however, their proclivity is for sexual relations with people below the age of consent and that is the problem: IF THE PRESENT  BRITISH GOVERNMENT OR ANY GOVERNMENT has the empathy to understand the pain suffered by children who have been abused and the pain suffered by their parents when they find out, they will pass a LAW that requires all convicted paedophiles to be either given a full life sentence or take a voluntary chemical castration.

p.s. This might – laughably – be challenged under the liberal  “human rights”  laws that are usually passed by heads of countries who have lawyers in power : Trudeau in Canada and Blair in the UK.: they are always a can of worms and create endless amounts of work for all those unemployed lawyers that keep being churned out by money hungry universities. The legal pox continues to spread !


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