The problem with drugs and prostitution is that – just like during the days of prohibition in the USA – they are easily available to anyone who wants them in any country in the World.

From models and “it” girls to celebrity cooks, the ease of obtaining drugs is historic, as also is the ease of obtaining hookers to entertain Presidents and peons alike.

The joke part of this situation is that taxpayers around the World are busy paying police and security personnel massive amounts of money, dare I say billions in any currency, to pretend to control these major activities and that is the joke.

When you add up the potential tax revenue that is being lost by not legalizing them and add it to the cost of the – clearly failed – security and police efforts to control them, then there is only one clear solution, and that is legalization of both activities.

Governments should get the hookers and drug dealers off the streets and into legal, taxable, healthy, controlled environments, and in the process, make street activities in both fields illegal.

In New Zealand and Germany, as in many other countries of the World, brothels are legal and controlled; the “industry” generates taxation and the people working in the business, work in a safe environment.

In Uruguay and Colorado State, U. S. A., the production and sale of Cannabis has been made legal, and is now generating substantial taxes that can be used for the treatment of addicts, just as alcohol taxes can also be used to treat ;  further more, there should be a saving on policing costs.

Branded heroin in the U.S of A  – the war on drugs is a joke

10/02/14 Was Clegg reading my blog?

Another whorehouse in London – tax free employment , but dangerous without protection:


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