Travelling the World, one cannot ignore the massive amount of graffiti that is slowly enveloping the rock walls, buildings and bridges, etc., of the majority of places visited.

The graffiti “pox” only seriously started with the advent of paint in spray cans, ergo the question arises: should the manufacturers of spray paint have a substantial levy imposed on the

them in proportion to the amount sold in order to pay for the removal of the paint from public and private surfaces.

In some cities in the World the taxpayers absorb the cost of removing the paint.

In other cities, the buildings with graffiti on them are served notice that the “decoration” has been made without a permit and the owners are then served with an order to have the unauthorized “decoration” removed within 30 days or the city authorities will remove it and charge the property owners for the service; failure to pay within 30 days will trigger an automatic

fine and heavy interest while after a further 30 days the amount outstanding plus fines, legal fees and interest will be attached to the property as a lien, with interest accumulating at a punitive rate.

In a time when so many people are unemployed, the graffiti removal business, just like the security business, could become a growth industry that would supply much needed jobs.

Knowing how Singapore dealt with the “pox” of chewing gum, where they banned it’s importation and sale, I would be very surprised if they haven’t also banned the manufacture and importation of paint in spray cans! Or maybe they just shoot anyone found doing graffiti!

Maybe each country should impose a fee on the manufacture and importation of cans of spray paint and distribute the money to all cities, towns and villages based on population records, with the proceeds to be used specifically for the removal of graffiti within that country


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