All plastic packaging, not just plastic bags, continues to create a major problem for the World.

Some politicians around the world have been attempting to deal with the problem of plastic bags by requiring companies to charge for them, however this is a very week attack on a major problem.

In my recent travels through South America,  from 2,300 miles up the Amazon river at Iquitos, in the Guayaquil river in Ecuador and the beaches of Recife in Northern Brazil to the beaches of Montevideo in Uruguay, I have found plastic of all kinds plugging the rivers and desiccating the beaches.

Once again, we have to look at the source of the problem, which clearly lies with the manufacturers of plastic products, and once again, the solution lies with individual countries to heavily tax the manufacture and importation of all plastic products and distribute the money, once again, to the all of the country’s cities, towns and villages based on population records, to be used specifically for the cleanup of the plastic from all public areas in the countries imposing the taxes.


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