Chewing gum for some time now, has been a growing problem for city sidewalks, open malls and other public areas around the World where mindless people spit the used gum onto any surface they can find, where after some time it takes on the image of a black pox.

The problem starts with the manufacture of the product and therefore the solution to the problem of the “black spot pox” must lie with those companies who profit from it’s manufacture.

Solution #1 is to ban the importation or manufacture of the stuff, like Singapore.

Solution #2 is for countries to heavily tax the gum and distribute the money, once again, to the all of the country’s cities, towns and villages based on population records, to be used specifically for the removal of chewing gum from public places.

Note: Removing gum from public places can easily be achieved by applying a squirt of compressed air to quick freeze it, followed by a blast of water from a pressure washer to wash it away to a drain.


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