When the great waves of – mostly economic – migrants try to cross by water from North Africa to Italy and hundreds drown in the effort, Italy allows the successful migrants to stay in the EU, gives them 500 euros each and tells them to get lost out of Italy; the UK is the favourite destination because they have the best benefits.

SADLY, this kind of humanitarianism is badly faulted, in as much as the very fact that those migrants that managed to reach shore were rewarded, will send a signal to the people in African that it’s worth the gamble to try to reach the EU, whether that is in Spain or Italy, and more and more migrants will drown in the process.

The sole way to stop the drownings is to return all of the migrants back to where they came from, and this will stop the endless, mindless deaths by drowning, as the hopeful migrants will stop paying the middle men who supply the boats and the problem of the deaths by drowning will be solved.

Continuing to reward migrants who succeed will contine to condemn thousands to death by drowning!

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The more people rewarded the more  will try and the more will drown in trying!


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