In some banks in the world that I personally know of, a security guard will not let you enter the bank without removing anything that hides your identity from the staff and the CCTV cameras; that includes hoodies, sun glasses and niqabs.

The failure to enforce this practice, in many cases, has resulted in some major thefts, such as the group of men dressed up as Muslim ladies covered in black clothes and niqabs and who raided a jewellery store after pretending to be serious shoppers, and as you will see below, the man in the hoodie.

In Canada, the province of Quebec is presently legislating a law that will ban all forms of religious dress in all publicly owned buildings, this includes hospitals and courts. The ban will, of course affect all religions: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs,  etc.; presumably in hospitals,  a priest that wishes to give the last rights to a catholic will have to come in plain clothes and Sikh hospital staff will have to remove their turbans, presumably they will be allowed to wear hospital head coverings instead.

How long will it take liberal western countries to ban the use of any face coverings in public places, in the name of the safety and security of the public ?




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