Any coalition is neither fish nor fowl; come the day of reckoning the Lib-Dems will be virtually wiped out, the Tories will lose seats; the socialists with their Champagne leaders (rich and getting richer) will also lose seats and the voters will have no other choice – hold their nose if they must – but to vote UKIP.  The Socialists have always been a bit like the pigs in Animal Farm…they preach equality for all but appear to live the Life of Riley and stuff their pockets with whatever they can get their hands on… the Blairs, multi millions a year incomes, the Kinnocks: double, triple dipping pensions Ed Miliband: 2.3 million pound London squat,  even the parson’s son is double dipping just fine whilst the great mass of the people struggle to survive.  The better choice for Mr. Cameron, would have been to do as the Tories did in Canada and run the country with a minority government …after a few defeats in parliament they finally won a majority and are managing the country according to their pricipals, not chameleons that are forever dithering and doing U turns to accommodate a liberal limpet party.


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