Democracy appears to be the method whereby the people of a country elect a new dictator at certain intervals. In China they have a similar system, where the communist party members also elect a new dictator at certain intervals; is this not just another kind of democracy?

In the so-called democratic countries, once the members of parliament are elected, their first priority is to ensure re-election, which usually means sourcing all possible means of obtaining re-election funds by principally talking to lobbyists, major financial supporters, etc., this may or may not include money for questions, arranging personal meetings with powerful government members, or as shown by Tom Hanks in the movie Charley Wilson’s War: sleeping with powerful financial supporters, in that case it was a female Jewish lobbyist; whatever it takes.

Clearly the lobbyists control the agenda (think “doubleya” Bush and Blair) and the hoi poloi just have to suffer until they get to elect another dictator; apparently true democracy is a popular figment of the collective imagination, but as Churchill once said: It may not be perfect but it’s the best we’ve got”

In countries like America you need obscene amounts of money to be elected, which is usually acquired by giving political IOU’s to the donors *  Apparently, in the UK, with the exception of  some aberrations, think Mrs. Thatcher, you need to have gone to the right school if you are a conservative or to have sucked up to the Unions and left them with IOU’s. In many other countries, democracy is a long sequence of coalition governments who keep borrowing more and more money to bribe the electorate to try to get a majority government – this usually ends up with technical bankruptcies: think PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) In Never Never Land, sometimes called the United States, they just keep printing money using the code name QE  and raising the ceiling of debt each year.  One day, when the President of never-never land fails to get permission to print more money, the US will join the PIIGS, declare bankruptcy, default on everything and start all over again !!!



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