In a world where the sexual norm is heterosexuality, without which there would not be anybody left on earth, the multiple deviations from the norm, of which there are many, include pedophilia.  In the belief that all variations of sexuality are incurable, including heterosexuality, then it follows that pedophilia  is no more curable than heterosexuality.

For those variations from the norm that may be practiced by persons of the age of majority by mutual consent, such as homosexuality,  heterosexuality/homosexuality, etc., these  variations from the norm are not a problem to society, however in those deviations from the norm which are practiced with minors with or without mutual consent the fact that such persons, male or female, are clearly incurable creates a problem that can only be dealt with by applying “the final solution” and that means that such persons who are pedophiles or heterosexual/pedophiles must be incarcerated with the option of voluntary chemical castration to change them into asexuals  or they must be left in prison for life



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