The eighty/twenty rule has been applied in many areas in the past, however the rule, as a  generality, may be applied across a broad spectrum of fields with reasonable chance of it being accurate. Two days ago I read that the Portuguese president of the European Union, J.M.Barroso,  had been lecturing David Cameron that he will not be able to “cherry pick” the EU policies that he wishes to change or delete.

Clearly this an example of eighty percent of the EU members who only pay 20% of the money into the EU pot, telling the 20% who pay 80% into the EU pot – such as Germany and the UK – how to behave within the union! something like the voters within the member counties where the 80% who, on average,  pay only 20% of the countries taxes tell the voters who pay 80% of the countries taxes how to spend those same taxes.

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